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Predator3D™ for Sealant & Adhesive Bead Inspection & Process Control

Proven Technology

Automated dispensing is becoming more and more common in manufacturing processes across the world, as the materials dispensed can serve a wide array of purposes such as structural joining, corrosion resistance, seal, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) reduction, part protection, durability enhancement, thermal dissipation, bonding, etc. With the use of automated dispensing, manufacturers need real-time inspection technology that ensures proper adhesive bead placement and volume for optimum product quality.

Our Predator3D inline bead inspection system has helped customers around the globe optimize their dispensing processes. In fact, global auto manufacturers (OEMs and Tiers) use our technology for process control of numerous manufacturing processes including, but not limited to, body assembly, powertrain form in place gaskets (FIPG), glass urethane, glass primer, closure panels, hem seal and battery assembly for electric vehicles (EV).

Easy to Integrate, Rugged

The Predator3D mounts around the glue, sealant or adhesive dispensing nozzle and easily communicates with your dispenser and robot protocols. It features hardware with four high-speed 3D sensors that provide a 360-degree/3D view of adhesive or sealant beads 400 times per second per sensor. Embedded in the system, our user-friendly i-Cite™ software provides a 3D visualization of bead width, height, volume and location, detecting and correcting gaps or neck-downs. Built with a solid aluminum frame and no moving parts, it’s designed to withstand impacts and adhesive spills in the manufacturing environment. Predator3D is the online system that stays online.

Product Features

  • Self-contained, around the nozzle solution
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Robot carried or pedestal mounting
  • Robust 3D inspection of bead height, width and volume up to 400 times per second per sensor
  • Accurate inspection of bead location relative to part features
  • Inspects bead in any direction without blind corners
  • Configurable reporting and displays
  • 100% part traceability with flexible archiving options
  • Impervious to ambient lighting and part color changes
  • 0 to 45° industrial operating temperature
  • IP65/IP67 sensor protection for sealed operation in production environment
  • Rugged crash-resistant sensor body
  • No moving components and no external computer required
  • Communicates easily with whatever protocol your dispenser or robot uses
  • Automatic adaption to robot speed changes
  • Auto repair of gaps and neck downs
  • No added complexity in robot programming
  • No change in setup for robot speed changes
  • Proven reliability, inspected millions of customer parts to date

Process Control Features

  • Auto Repair – automatically repairs gaps and neck downs with no human intervention
  • LocationMaster – locates a part in 3D space and sends offset to the robot to alter the dispensing path accordingly
  • Z-Tracking – dynamically adapts to each part’s individual variations to maintain acceptable tip to part distance, preventing broken nozzles and scrapped parts
  • RobotAssist – assists programmers in maintaining the correct nozzle distance and overall tool angle relative to the part surface
  • Nozzle Check – ensures that there is no material build-up around the dispensing nozzle

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Optimizes the dispensing process
  • Provides consistency in manufacturing
  • Causes no penalty to production cycle
  • Avoids false rejects
  • Enables less scrap
  • Increases throughput
  • Delivers dispensing materials savings with volume visualization
  • Eliminates the need to remove defective parts from the production line and repair elsewhere
  • Enables less teardowns
  • Reduces the cost of a recall

Available Models

3D Machine Vision and Process Control In Action

Predator3D Inspection & Process Control

Auto Repair for Adhesive Dispensing

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