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Coherix 3D Z-Tracking™

Maintain Nozzle-to-Part Distance.

Coherix 3D Z-Tracking software eliminates the need to re-program the dispensing robot every time a new lot of parts arrive. Z-Tracking creates robot path modifications to maintain nozzle-to-part distance to overcome part-to-part variation throughout the manufacturing process. Using the raw measurements provided by Coherix 3D, robots dynamically adapt to each part’s individual variations in real time, maintaining optimal nozzle-to-part distance, which is critical to bead quality and adhesion.

Say goodbye to broken nozzles and damaged parts due to crashes and plowing through the bead with Z-Tracking from Coherix.

Z-Tracking for Adhesive Dispensing

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Reduces down time
  • Eliminates bent and snapped-off nozzles
  • Improves bead quality and adhesion
  • Provides traceability


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The use of Z-Tracking reduces the frequent robot re-programming efforts. Furthermore, the requirement to optimize the distance between the application nozzle and the part surface is eliminated, especially with part-to-part variation, which has a direct effect on the application quality.

Process Engineer from Kuka Systems GmbH