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Enabling the factory of the future.

The manufacturing automation revolution is upon us. Lighter materials, increased complexity, electric vehicles, and cost pressures are creating high demand for fully automated and autonomous systems. The processes and data necessary to solve for these needs are creating great industry pressure, as well as remarkable opportunity.

Coherix is answering that call.

With a proven track record, an experienced team, and technology that revolutionizes without disrupting, Coherix is looking for like-minded visionaries to help accelerate our mission and our reach.

This is more than vision. More than inspection. It’s about complete autonomous control of processes. Inspecting parts and processes, detecting problems, and actively preventing them in-line at line speed. This empowers manufacturers to rapidly experience: 

  • Maximum throughput
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Minimal need for labor
  • Zero defects

The market is poised. The technology is ready. The opportunity is vast. If you’re interested in becoming an investor, we’d love to connect.

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