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In 3D.
At line speed.

In automotive and electronic manufacturing, the parts are not flat. Therefore, the path of the adhesive is not flat. On top of that, the adhesive itself has depth, dimension, and variables of its own. So traditional two-dimensional cameras are useless in monitoring the full picture of application. Meanwhile, the part may or may not have settled perfectly into the fixture. And the nozzle may have drifted away from the part surface due to part-to-part variation, or the robot may not be functioning correctly. Complex? Absolutely. Solvable? That’s where we come in.

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Coherix 3D™

Coherix has solved 3D vision for inline bead inspection at line speed. We have more than 4,100 systems already in use, in the most visionary manufacturers in the world. Whether it’s batteries, doors, glass, or complex parts, we track the dispensing path up and down and all around the part, comparing the shape, the volume, the location of the adhesive bead to the manufacturers’ specifications. All in the seconds that it takes the robot to put down the bead. What does this mean? Certainty of process. Confidence and consistency in result. And efficiency on an entirely new level. Welcome to the next dimension in performance.

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Coherix 3D Mini Inline Mini Bead Inspection (0.2 - 3.5mm)

Coherix 3D Mini™ provides a full 3D inspection and process control solution for mini and micro bead dispensing applications (0.2 – 3.5mm). It delivers an industry-leading inspection solution with reporting on mini bead height, width, location and volume 400 times a second. It can also identify and repair gaps in a specified dispensing path, preventing scrap and time consuming rework.

Coherix 3D Inline Urethane Inspection

Coherix 3D GlassMaster™ provides a 100% inline inspection and process control solution to the high-profile glass urethane bead dispensing process, providing part traceability to ensure safety for this critical bond. It reduces process variation, minimizes production down time caused by robot re-programming, improves product quality and prevents leakage and the incurred expensive rework.

Coherix Inline Glass Primer Inspection

Coherix PrimerMaster™ delivers a complete in-line inspection solution with 100% part traceability for the clear and black primer application process. It provides real-time information on primer width and location, and is a rugged, reliable and on-the-fly inspection solution that ensures properly dispensed primer without slowing down the production process.

Coherix 3D Inline Mastic Dot Inspection

Coherix 3D DotMaster™ provides a robust real-time 3D inspection and process control solution for the mastic dot dispensing process, inspecting dots and other unique shapes up to 38 mm in diameter. It ensures the width, height and area of the dispensed dot is within user-defined tolerances.

Coherix 3D Inline Swirl Bead Inspection

Coherix 3D SwirlMaster™ delivers a full 3D inspection and process control solution for swirl bead dispensing applications. It provides an industry-leading inspection solution with reporting on swirl bead height, width, location and volume, and also identifies any gaps in a specified path.