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3D Adaptive Process Control for Dispensing

3D Adaptive Process Control for Dispensing Applications

Our High-Tech Solutions Solve Complex Dispensing Challenges

Coherix is the global leader of 3D machine vision process control solutions for dispensing of adhesives and sealants. Our solutions provide eyes with depth perception for robots, enabling customers to manage complex manufacturing processes.

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Experienced 3D Machine Vision Innovators

As winner of the 2018 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award, we’re a dedicated team with a proven track record. We create innovative 3D bead inspection solutions to drive excellence in automotive, electronics, aircraft and general manufacturing.

2018 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award
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Predator3D™ Machine Vision For Adhesive & Sealant Bead Inspection

As body in white, powertrain, battery and final assembly manufacturers increasingly rely on structural adhesives and sealants, in-line bead inspection of quality becomes more and more important.  Predator3D adaptive process control solution not only inspects bead height, width, volume and position, but also provides value added features like Auto Repair, Z-Tracking and Nozzle Check. Coherix delivers reliable and robust 3D inspection solutions that enable end users to increase throughput while decreasing scrap.

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Predator3D machine vision system for adhesive dispensing inspection

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