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Advanced 3D Machine Vision Solutions for Optimum Manufacturing Process Control

Advanced 3D Machine Vision Solutions for Optimum Manufacturing Process Control

Our High-Tech Applications Solve Complex Manufacturing Challenges

Need a robust manufacturing process control solution? Our advanced 3D machine vision systems let you manage your high-volume, automated assembly processes, maintain quality control and reduce costs. Our machine vision experts will work closely with you to tailor and install a cost-effective solution that meets your process control needs.

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Experienced 3D Machine Vision Innovators

As winner of the 2018 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award, we’re a dedicated team with a proven track record. We create innovative 3D solutions to drive excellence in automotive, electronics, aircraft and general manufacturing.

2018 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award
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Our 3D Machine Vision Products

Predator3D machine vision system for adhesive dispensing inspection

As body in white, powertrain and final assembly manufacturers increasingly rely on structural adhesives and sealants, in-line inspection of bead quality becomes more and more important. Coherix delivers reliable and robust 3D machine vision solutions. The Predator3DTM machine vision solution not only inspects bead height, width, volume and position, but also provides value-added features like auto repair, Z tracking and nozzle check.

Robust3D machine vision for error proofing

By using Robust3DTM machine vision to inspect complex parts during the manufacturing process, you can ensure the highest quality for your finished components and prevent non-compliant parts from reaching the next step in the manufacturing process. Coherix developed Robust3D solutions to facilitate stringent inspection requirements in the manufacturing environment and to solve your toughest assembly inspection problems.

Coherix, Inc will not be able to meet the filing deadline of April 29, 2020 for its annual report on Form 1-K due to circumstances related to COVID-19.  As a result, Coherix intends to take advantage of relief afforded under Rule 257(f) of Regulation A pursuant to the Securities Act to file its 1-K as soon as possible prior to June 13, 2020.
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