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Use Cases

Coherix 3D empowers possibilities in a number of applications across your most complex manufacturing processes. Below, see what we’re actively helping inspect, control, and enable. In-line at line speed.


EV Battery Sealing

Battery Assembly

Coherix 3D is helping control processes within electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing — helping accurately dispense critical battery cover sealants and thermal interface materials for batteries.

Windshield Urethane Inspection

Windshield in Final Assembly

Coherix 3D Inline Urethane Inspection for tall urethane beads is critical in windshield installations to avoid leaks and assure overall vehicle structural integrity.

Car Body Adhesive Dispensing

Body Part Structural Adhesive

Coherix 3D is leading the industry in solving the challenges of how structural adhesives are replacing welding in the race for lightweighting.

RTV Sealant Dispensing

Powertrain RTV Silicone Gaskets

Coherix 3D ensures the proper volume and location of RTV to prevent harmful oil and coolant leaks in powertrain applications.

Windshield Urethane Inspection

Primer for Automotive Glass

Coherix Inline Glass Primer Inspection measures rapidly evaporating primer and isopropyl alcohol on glass applications.

Car Door Icon

Closure Panel Hemming

Coherix 3D allows auto manufacturers to control squeeze-out, which can ultimately lead to eliminating over-hem sealer application and finesse operations in corners of panels.

Automotive Hood Inspection

Mastic Dots for Closure Panels

Coherix 3D Inline Mastic Dot Inspection controls mastic dot dispensing that is critical to assuring anti-flutter between panels, in automotive manufacturing they are used to bond the inner and outer panels of hoods, doors, decklids, etc.

General Industry

Commercial Window Sealant Inspection

Residential and Commercial Windows

Manufacturing windows require precision sealant application, as it is essential to preventing leakage. Coherix 3D delivers 100% robust inspection even when the sealant and glass are the same color, providing the data needed to enable process control solutions that streamline the dispensing process.