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Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence require more than vision. They require real time software that compares, learns, adjusts any issues, and does not require human intervention. That’s the promise of Coherix’s Adaptive Process Control (APC™). With the data collected and compared, in line, in real time, at line speed, we can move from inspection to prevention.

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Coherix 3D Adaptive Process Control

When there’s a gap in the material, we can proactively fix it. When the volume of material starts to wander out of spec, it can be instantly corrected. When the part itself is out of spec causing the nozzle to crash into the bead, we can real time adjust and prevent it. No matter what part of the process, Coherix is keeping everything to exacting specifications at a microscopic level. Leading to zero defects, far fewer line stoppages, less waste, less expense. This isn’t some far-off dream — this is ready today.






Coherix 3D AutoRepair™

Automatically repairs gaps, bubbles, neck downs, and low volume with no human intervention.

Coherix 3D Z-Tracking™

Dynamically adapts to each part’s individual variations to maintain acceptable tip to part distance, preventing broken nozzles and scrapped parts.

Coherix 3D VAC™ - Volume Adaptive Control

Detects instantaneous volume variation and automatically adapts the bead volume, ensuring a high-quality bead of the specified volume is dispensed.

Coherix 3D LocationMaster™

Locates a part in 3D space and sends offset to the robot to alter the dispensing path accordingly.

Coherix 3D NozzleCheck™

Ensures that there is no material build-up around the dispensing nozzle.