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Vision and intelligence for manufacturing.

Coherix creates 3D-enabled adaptive process control that sees, understands, and adjusts — automating perfection and unleashing predictable success.

As manufacturing materials become lighter, more advanced, and reliant on dissimilar material joining, precision dispensing is quickly replacing welding. With this radical shift comes common issues and frustrations with dispensing adhesives and sealants, leading to quality control issues, dimensional complexities, and greater risk for error. Coherix adds 3D laser vision paired with artificial intelligence that allows robots to see, inspect, and even control the process — all within the process itself. And all at the unrelenting speed of the process. In short, we’ve solved one of the most complicated challenges in manufacturing today, while setting manufacturers up for the quickly approaching lights-out factory of the future.

The Coherix difference.

We bring certainty.

Coherix delivers more than productivity. With 3D-enabled adaptive process control that monitors, adjusts, and adapts at line speed, we help you get one step closer to perfect.

We offer vision.

We provide machines with the power of vision. And we go even further, by providing a platform for manufacturing to create a long-term vision. Coherix is bringing sight, thinking, and precision to robotic manufacturing. Applied anywhere.

We unleash performance.

We aim for zero errors. But more than that, we aim for zero unscheduled down time. Zero defects. Zero recalls. Unleashing manufacturing performance.

We create perspective.

We’re not a startup. This is not experimental. It’s experience built on decades of proven relationships with some of the world’s top manufacturers. Results that are documented. Support that is true and meaningful.

Find us everywhere.

Experience wins. We’re already helping with precision adhesive and sealant dispensing inspection across manufacturing plants in all regions of the world.

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We are not just detecting problems; we are preventing them from ever occurring.

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