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Adaptive Process Control Solutions for Dispensing Applications

Manufacturers around the world rely on real-time inspection technology that ensures proper adhesive and sealant bead location and volume. Predator3D™ in-line bead inspection system delivers that and so much more to optimize your dispensing process. Global electronics and auto manufacturers rely on Coherix technology for process control of various manufacturing processes in their production lines. Take control of your automated dispensing manufacturing process with adaptive process control through machine learning and data exchange with Coherix process control solutions.


Automatically repairs gaps, bubbles, low volume and neck downs in the bead dispensing path. Defected parts no longer need to be removed from the production line and repaired elsewhere, saving a tremendous amount of time and money.


Allows Predator3D to find a part in 3D space and send the spatial offset to the robot to alter the dispensing path accordingly. Reduces the occurrence of nozzle tip breakage caused by incorrect part positioning and saves capital equipment investment by reducing the need to purchase expensive fixturing tooling.

Locate Part for Adhesive Dispensing


Predator3D’s Z-Tracking dynamically adapts to each part’s individual variations to maintain acceptable tip to part distance, eliminating the need to re-program the dispensing robot every time a new lot of windshields arrive. Say goodbye to broken glass and scrapped parts caused by part surface shape variation with Z-Tracking from Coherix.


Assists programmers in maintaining the correct nozzle distance and overall tool angle relative to the part surface with the Predator3D in-line bead inspection system. Achieves better beads faster, for robot programmers of any experience level.

Robot Assist for dispensing applications

Nozzle Check

Ensures that there is no material build-up around the dispensing nozzle to impact Predator3D inspection. If the material build-up isn’t identified in time, it will eventually end up on the floor or part, potentially causing a catastrophic failure.

Adhesive Build-up On Dispensing Nozzle
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