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Ensuring a
trouble-free dispensing system.

Managing and maintaining the dispensing process has truly been a real art in production environments. Part-to-part variation, part fixturing issues, materials property variation, dispensing equipment challenges, creating a maintenance schedule, robot programming imperfections and so much more have made automated dispensing an extremely difficult process to control. It is very common to see Manufacturing Engineers tweaking the process on a daily basis just to get by and make it work…not anymore, not with Dispensing System Engineering (DSE) from Coherix.

Coherix Total Dispensing System EngineeringCoherix has assembled a Dispensing System Engineering Team with countless years of global experience in dispensing systems around the world. The DSE Team understands how the entire dispensing process is engineered. They prepare recommendations for the best system set-up for new programs and retrofits alike, and provide one of the most challenging requirements of the application – expert dispensing robot programming. Offering consultation throughout the entire process: from before equipment is purchased, all the way to when issues occur in production, the DSE Team is there for you.

Before Commissioning

Process Concept

  • Material and equipment compatibility recommendation
  • Part fixturing verification and recommendation
  • Optimize accessibility of the dispensing application
  • Verify that the Coherix 3D system can inspect the dispensed application

Before Procurement

  • Dispenser selection
  • Dispenser options
  • Robot selection
  • Robot options
  • Complete system concept testing
  • Coherix 3D Adaptive Process Control (APC) recommendations

After Procurement

  • Verify robot dress-out is compatible with equipment
  • Application-specific review during simulation

During Commissioning

Installation at Line Builder

  • I/O mapping and setup
  • Robot programming optimization (sealer standards)

Setup at Line Builder

  • Consultation to best configure the dispensing application
  • Review robot dress-out
  • Program the equipment and fine tune the dispensing cell

Startup at End User

  • Confirm the dispensing systems are re-installed correctly
  • Re-program the robot as required and fine tune the cell on the end user floor

Start of Production

Production Launch

  • Monitor the dispensing performance and fine tune the robot programming throughout the launch
  • Verify dispensed bead matches customer specification 
  • Fine tune Coherix 3D to meet customer specification
  • Network Coherix 3Ds to one centralized maintenance station (if plant has intra-plant network)

Up To 90 Days After Job 1

  • Monitor dispensing performance after SOP using Coherix 3D Data Analytics Software
  • Verify Coherix 3D setup meets production requirements
  • Ensure the installed dispensing system remains “trouble –free” by training the end user in the proper use of the Coherix 3D and APC solutions, ie: AutoRepair, Z-Tracking, VAC, LocationMaster
  • Work with the end user to set up a maintenance schedule for the dispensing cell
  • For ongoing support after 90 days, see our service offerings

Robot Programming for Dispensing Applications

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Optimized dispensing cell designs and appropriate equipment selection
  • Streamlined dispensing production launch
  • Reduction in skilled labor cost by completing the dispensing robot programming
  • Optimized bead to maximize production throughput with quality results with the least amount of material
  • Quickly troubleshoot and resolve dispensing production issues