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Resources for Battery Dispensing Applications

Battery Dispensing Resources for Manufacturers

Properly sealing lithium-ion battery cases and covers is critical to overall battery performance, safety and quality. Automated dispensing applications for batteries must be precise to achieve full performance and to avoid dangerous moisture and gas leaks.

Coherix is at the forefront of precision dispensing in automotive manufacturing and understands how to overcome the obstacles of sealing batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles (EV). Our customers find great value in the services we provide to the System Integrators and Line Builders that set up their assembly lines.


Check out these helpful documents that provide education and insight into dispensing applications for batteries:

Steps to Assure Joining Quality and Eliminate Harmful Leaks in Battery Manufacturing

Overcome Part-to-Part Variation with Robot Guidance

Eliminate Costly Issues of Bubbles & Skips When Sealing Battery Applications

How To Implement AI & Machine Learning Processes in Battery Manufacturing

Traceability for Battery Manufacturing with 3D Inspection

November 14, 2023