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Reduce Welds and Improve Quality with Adaptive Process Control Solutions

With the latest adhesive dispensing adaptive process control solutions, 10% fewer welds (400-600 less in a body in white) is very achievable, and up to 25% fewer welds (1,000-1,500 less) is conceivable.

Coherix has developed technology that could save automakers millions of dollars in the manufacture of cars and light trucks over the next 10 years.

The Ann Arbor-based company’s 3D inspection systems and adaptive process control software for the application of adhesives can reduce the number of rivets and spot welds used to assemble vehicle body structures and generate significant cost savings.

A 25 percent reduction in welds for the annual assembly of 100,000 vehicles could deliver variable design-cost savings of $30 per vehicle and save $2.5 million more with a reduction in the need for welding equipment.

Learn more in the SAE Paper “Invest in Adhesive Dispensing to Reduce Design, Capital and Operational Costs”

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July 8, 2024