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Closure Panel Hem Seal Applications

Precision Manufacturing with Coherix

Dispensing the specified volume, height and width in the correct location is vital to manufacturing closure panels for vehicles. Coherix 3D technology is already helping overcome part-to-part variation, deliver accurate bead placement and ensure volume specification on closure applications in manufacturing plants across the world.

Full Control Over Your Process

Coherix 3D allows vehicle manufacturers to control squeeze-out, which can ultimately lead to eliminating over-hem sealer application and finesse operations in corners of panels…equaling a massive savings in labor costs for manufacturers. Learn more about the design, capital and operational savings that are unlocked with adhesive dispensing when it is paired with robust inspection and adaptive process control in the free SAE Technical Paper here.

Common Problems in Closure Panel Hem Seal Applications

With the unique design of closure panels, engineers face many challenges dispensing adhesives and sealants. Make sure to download the Closure Panel Hem Seal Applications Brochure below to find solutions to the common issues encountered when joining closure panel hem seal applications.

Solutions to these common issues addressed in brochure:

  • Wasting material due to the need to “overfill” the hem flange
  • Costly, labor-intensive repair of bead skips or neckdowns
  • Bent or snapped off dispensing nozzles
  • Preventing line stoppages caused by material build up on the nozzle
  • How to provide traceabilty on closure panels


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