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Increase Yields with Predator3D

Predator3D enables customers to increase yields while avoiding false rejects and optimize their overall dispensing process with 100% part traceability.

Predator3D Increases Throughput

Predator3D mounts around the glue, sealant or adhesive dispensing nozzle and easily communicates with your dispenser and robot protocols. It features hardware with four high-speed 3D sensors that provide a 360-degree/3D view of adhesive or sealant beads 400 times per second. Embedded in the system, our user-friendly i-Cite™ software provides a 3D visualization of bead width, height, volume and location, detecting and correcting gaps or neck-downs. Built with a solid aluminum frame and no moving parts, it’s designed to withstand impacts and adhesive spills in the manufacturing environment. Predator3D is the online system that stays online.

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