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Want to see Coherix solutions in action? Watch our 3D machine vision videos and our case studies to learn how customers use our inspection, analysis and process control tools to meet complex manufacturing challenges to achieve maximum control of their manufacturing processes.

Coherix Overview

Learn more about our 3D machine vision products and applications, as well as our technical resources and global capabilities.

Predator3D Overview

See how our Predator3DTM solutions work for adhesive and sealant bead inspection by watching product demonstrations and results analysis.

Predator3D Automatic Repair

See how Predator3D can help guide the robot to automatically repair the defected bead without engaging the operator.

Glass Bead Inspection

Watch our Predator3D system inspect the urethane bead size, volume and placement on a glass windshield with the automatic repair and Z-tracking features.

Oil Pan Bead Inspection

See a live demo of our Predator3D system conducting a sealant bead inspection on an oil pan.

Predator3D at Automate ’17

Watch our Predator3D system inspect adhesive bead placement on a part in a product demo with Yamaha Robotics at the 2017 Automate Show.

Engine Front Cover

See how Predator3D inspects and detects errors in adhesive bead quality on an engine front cover.

Piston Assembly in China

Watch a customer use our Robust3DTM error proofing solution to inspect piston assemblies for defects.

RFF Assembly Inspection

View our Robust3D error proofing solution as it verifies proper installation of rolling finger follower assemblies.

Valve Assembly Inspection

Watch how our Robust3D error proofing solution verifies proper installation and placement of valve keepers in an engine’s valve assembly.

Robust3D Piston Assembly

Learn how our Robust3D error proofing solution with Tru3DTM sensors inspects piston assemblies to verify proper installation and placement of circlips and rings.

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