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How Important is the Floorspace in Your Plant?

The Coherix 3D footprint is minimal – no fence, no lighting rigs, no additional part fixturing needed for 100% in-line robust 3D inspection and process control of your dispensing process!

Coherix 3D is self-contained and mounts around the dispensing nozzle to provide a 360° view of the adhesive bead in any direction.

Coherix 3D provides robust, real-time 3D in-line inspection and Adaptive Process Control, capturing data of how much and where the bead is located – 400 times per second per laser.

  • In-line robust 3D
  • Self-contained, around the nozzle solution
  • Bead location relative to part features
  • No added complexity to robot programming
  • No blind corners
  • Impervious to ambient lighting & part color changes
  • Quick & easy setup
  • Robot carried or pedestal mounting

Coherix can help with your most critical and complex gluing applications, learn how.


March 12, 2024