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Part-to-Part Variation is a Problem of the Past With Z-Tracking™

Say goodbye to broken nozzles and damaged parts due to crashes and plowing through the bead with Z-Tracking from Coherix.

This Adaptive Process Control (APC) solution benefits end users of a variety of vehicle components with part-to-part variation, and can especially benefit those dispensing on battery covers, windows and framing.

With Z-Tracking, the leading laser from Coherix 3D measures the sensor-to-part distance variation and sends the offset to the robot, providing optimum bead quality and adhesion.

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Inspection + Process Control = The Perfect Team

Coherix 3D adhesive and sealant bead inspection provides the data needed for our APC products to control the adhesive dispensing process. With over 2,700 global installations, Coherix 3D is proven to provide the most robust adhesive inspection in the industry.

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March 1, 2023