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Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location – what good does an adhesive bead do if it is placed in the incorrect location on the part?

The all-new Coherix LocationMaster software allows Predator3D to locate a part in 3D space and send the spatial offset to the robot to alter the dispensing path accordingly.

LocationMaster Illustration - Glass Dispensing

Manufacturer Benefits

  • Improves bead adhesion by ensuring that the bead is applied at the specified distance and location on each part
  • Reduces the impact of squeeze out due to part-to-part variations, preventing downstream contamination that can ultimately cause catastrophic failure
  • Savings on capital equipment investment by reducing the need to purchase expensive fixturing tooling
  • Reduces the occurrence of nozzle tip breakage caused by incorrect part positioning

Learn more and download the LocationMaster Brochure here

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