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General Manager of Coherix Americas to Participate in Informative Panel Discussion at the Adhesives & Bonding Expo

Adhesives and Bonding Expo

On July 14 at 3:50pm, Dr. Zhenhua Huang, General Manager of Coherix Americas, will participate in the panel discussion on “Automation Implementation: Increasing Throughput Whilst Reducing Waste and Remaining Cost Efficient” at the Adhesives and Bonding Expo in Novi, MI.

With the rise in price and demand for raw materials and resins, reducing scrap and waste from production has become an increasingly important challenge for the manufacturing community. Making sure that all available material is being utilized is key to meeting the growing demand for materials in the automotive sector. Automation presents a method to address these challenges though any extra cost must be justifiable in the current climate. This session will examine the needs of manufacturing, processing and automation engineers and explore what technologies could offer solutions to the question of waste.

Points to be discussed:

  • Increasing the efficiency and maximizing throughput with automation
  • Reducing waste through minimization of scrap material 
  • Determining the cost efficiency of industry 4.0 for your production process


Dr. Zhenhua Huang, Coherix Americas General Manager

Dr. Zhenhua Huang, General Manager of Coherix Americas, Coherix

Leslie Varga Nordson Corp

Leslie Varga, Global Product Portfolio Manager, Nordson Corporation

Adhesives & Bonding Expo details

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