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Adhesive & Sealant Bead Dispensing with Adaptive Process Control

Adaptive: having an ability to change to suit changing conditions.

Process Control: the ability to monitor & adjust a process to give a desired output, it is used in industry to maintain quality & improve performance.

Improve your automated adhesive & sealant bead dispensing process with Adaptive Process Control from Coherix!

AutoRepair™ – automatically repairs gaps, bubbles, low volume & neck downs with no human intervention

LocationMaster™ – locates a part in 3D space & sends offset to the robot to alter the dispensing path accordingly

Z-Tracking™ – dynamically adapts to each part’s individual variations to maintain acceptable tip to part distance, preventing broken nozzles & scrapped parts

Adaptive Process Control for Dispensing Applications

Learn more about the benefits of Coherix Adaptive Process Control

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