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Sealant for EV Battery Manufacturing

The manufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) presents many challenges, requiring above all, the highest quality sealant bead to avoid problems such as moisture leakage or the formation of gases. By measuring the height, width, position and volume parameters…

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Join the Coherix Team

Are you looking to join an award-winning, innovative team, where you and your ideas will be appreciated and valued? Coherix is the global leader in developing 3D vision and process control solutions for the sealant and structural adhesive dispensing market. We…

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Increase Yields with Predator3D

Predator3D enables customers to increase yields while avoiding false rejects and optimize their overall dispensing process with 100% part traceability. Predator3D mounts around the glue, sealant or adhesive dispensing nozzle and easily communicates with your dispenser and robot protocols. It…

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3D Part Locating for Robot Guidance

Robots have great accuracy and repeatability, but if your parts aren’t fixtured properly, the robot’s accuracy and repeatability mean nothing. That’s where LocationMaster from Coherix delivers the ultimate solution! LocationMaster provides 3D part locating for robot guidance to ensure the…

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