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Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location - what good does an adhesive bead do if it is placed in the incorrect location on the part? The all-new Coherix LocationMaster software allows Predator3D to locate a part in 3D space and send the spatial…

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Now Hiring Electrical Engineer

Coherix continues to expand and is looking for an experienced Electrical Engineer to fill a role at their headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI. Read full job description and apply directly on our website. The Electrical Engineer conceptualizes, designs and develops…

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Auto Repair for Adhesive Dispensing

Coherix provides adaptive process control for dispensing applications! Check out Predator3D's Auto Repair function that automatically corrects gaps or neck downs in adhesive and sealant dispensing. It detects the defective adhesive and sealant bead with skips and automatically repairs…

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Coherix is Growing & Hiring for Three Positions

Coherix, the global industry leader in innovative 3D adaptive process control for dispensing applications, is growing! We are looking for a Customer Support Engineer, Application Engineer and Regional Key Account Manager (Southeastern U.S. OEM Accounts). If you are looking for…

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Hashtag Redefined by Predator3D™

On social media “#” is typically defined as “hashtag”, with Predator3D “#” means something completely different! It means no added complexity for robot programming, it means no moving parts and it means no blind corners. The “#” is the optics…

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