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Windshield Urethane Bead Vision with GlassMaster Pro

GlassMaster Pro for Urethane Bead

The size, shape, location and quality of urethane beads are critical in windshield installations to avoid leaks and assure overall structural integrity. We designed our Predator3D GlassMaster™ Pro system to meet specific process control needs for this application. This high-profile urethane bead inspection system offers Z-tracking robot guidance capability that enables the robot to adjust the vertical height to compensate for variability in part surface height.

GlassMaster Pro provides real-time 3D information on windshield urethane bead height, width, volume, location and detects skips or neck-downs with no external computer needed. GlassMaster Pro bead inspection is not affected by part color or ambient lighting changes, providing robust operation even in “black-on-black” situations where 2D techniques fail.

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November 3, 2020