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How to deliver
a trouble-free dispensing cell.

There are many factors that play a role in delivering a high-quality dispensing application: dispenser options, nozzle length and angle, robot programming, in-cell communications, part fixturing, dispensing material selection, etc…

To overcome these and many other inherent challenges, experience is the key to success! Coherix is proud to offer a Total Dispensing System Engineering Workshop to our customers, partners and everyone in the dispensing industry that is interested in learning a more efficient way to join materials.

Total Dispensing System Engineering Workshop

Robot programming is managed by the experienced Dispensing System Engineering Team at Coherix.Delivering a trouble-free dispensing system has truly been a real art, rather than a science. Part-to-part variation, part fixturing, materials property variation, dispensing equipment challenges, robot programming and so much more have made delivering a trouble-free dispensing system very difficult.

To address these all-to-common issues, Coherix is offering a no-charge Total Dispensing System Engineering (TDSE) Workshop moderated by Terry Taylor. Terry heads up the Dispensing System Engineering Team at Coherix with over 25 years of experience, Terry is truly a total dispensing systems engineering expert.

The complimentary TDSE Workshop sponsored by the Engineering and Manufacturing Alliance (EMA) is intended for Systems Integrators, Robot Companies, Dispenser Companies and End Users to come together, share experiences, solve common issues and learn more about the latest technologies and methods of the adhesive and sealant dispensing process.

This Workshop will help participants discover solutions to common dispensing issues by sharing of real-life experiences and lessons learned.  Many different aspects of the dispensing process will be covered, from the robot selection to the fixturing methods, and the dispensing equipment to the in-cell communication protocol. Terry Taylor will guide and share experiences from over 25 years of global dispensing systems engineering, which can be extremely beneficial to anyone that is looking to build on their dispensing systems knowledge. The Workshop will be packed full of useful tips, best-practices and insightful recommendations for dispensing system set-up and commissioning.

We hope to see you at the Coherix Technical Center soon!

To reserve your spot in the TDSE Workshop, please fill out the form below.

Workshop Topics

  • Selecting the right equipment for your dispensing application up front
  • Methods to prevent squeeze-out from occurring in production
  • Overcoming part-to-part variation
  • How to manage material viscosity variation
  • What can be done about material drool
  • What nozzle is best for the application
  • Optimizing dispensing material usage
  • Forming dispensed bead specifications that are realistic
  • How to properly dress out the robot for maximum performance
  • Scoping the dispenser and robot options needed to maximize your application
  • Overcoming in-cell communication delays

Dispensing System Engineering for Application SupportTDSE Workshop

DATE: Wednesday, July 31, 2024

TIME: 9am to 3pm (lunch included)


3980 Ranchero Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

REGISTRATION: Complimentary, simply fill out the registration form below

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Great to hear the general rules of thumb by an industry veteran like Terry. Also good to hear from other OEMs/tiers to discuss their issues with dispense - many are shared issues. Great open forum without commercial pressure.

TDSE Workshop Participant

Beneficial to have multiple end users in a room to talk about any issues or benefits of the system. I can take a lot of the items identified back to the plant and put countermeasures in place before the line is completely set up.

TDSE Workshop Participant