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Dispensing System Engineers of the Future

EMU Engineering students & Coherix

The GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology at Eastern Michigan University and Coherix are excited for what their new partnership is bringing to the manufacturing industry: Dispensing System Engineers with an extensive background in robot programming, dispenser programming and 3D enabled Adaptive Process Control. These students will graduate with a deep understanding of how industrial robots are used for dispensing adhesive and sealant materials in the manufacturing of automobiles, electronics, medical devices and other industries.


Coherix and Eastern Michigan University Engineering School

With a three-year research grant provided by Coherix, EMU Engineering students are benefiting from:

▪️ Funding to expand the applications of computer vision possibilities in precision manufacturing and adhesive dispensing system engineering

▪️ Integrating Coherix’s innovative inspection technology with VR research in the lab

▪️ Factory of the future training to expand their access to the latest Adaptive Process Control and innovations in dispensing system engineering to meet the latest manufacturing needs

▪️ Grant opportunities for Professor Tanbour’s graduate and doctoral students to expand research in the areas of integrating computer vision for industrial robotics with VR technology

EMU Engineering Presentation for Dispensing System Engineers                     Kawasaki Robot and Sames Dispenser at EMU Lab

Thanks to Kawasaki Robotics, Sames and the Gonzalez Group for providing lab equipment for the students to utilize on the campus of Eastern Michigan University.

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December 13, 2023