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Coherix Appears in Assembly Magazine – 3D Machine Vision System Leader

Check out the write-up on Coherix in the November edition of Assembly Magazine to learn more about how our 3D machine vision solutions are helping improve manufacturing processes around the world!

New Technologies for 3D Vision

“One automotive OEM has been benefitting from Predator3D at its engine facility for the past two years,” notes Dr. Zhenhua Huang, general manager of Coherix Inc. Americas. “The system replaced two hi-res 2D cameras that were meant to ensure proper application of a sealant bead on each engine. However, the high production rate of 1,000 engines per day often resulted in a 16 percent false reject (false positive) rate of improper bead application coming from the cameras. With our system, the false reject rate is reduced to less than 0.3 percent, and the company is saving nearly $55,000 per day due to less labor and increased throughput.”

Tru3D sensors in the Robust3D system perform reliable error-proofing in a wide range of electronics and automotive applications. The latter include piston, rolling finger follower and valve assembly, and end-of-line inspection.

After capturing millions of data points to generate a 3D “as built” model of a part assembly, the system’s i-Cite software applies various inspection criteria to prevent critical failure downstream in the assembly process. Another benefit is full 3D part data traceability.  

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November 10, 2020