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Coherix 3D Vision & Process Control in eVTOL Manufacturing

Coherix is excited to be working on cutting edge technologies with eVOTL manufacturer Archer Aviation


eVTOL is short for electric vertical take-off and landing aircrafts, eVTOLs are sometimes referred to as air taxis or flying taxis. Powered by batteries, eVTOLs hover and fly, much like a helicopter, and are typically designed to carry two to six passengers including a pilot.

Since eVTOL batteries provide 100% of the power for these aircrafts, the battery must be manufactured with confidence. One key part of the battery manufacturing process is ensuring accurately dispensed cover sealant and TIMs (Thermal Interface Material).

Automated dispensing applications for batteries must be precise to achieve full battery performance, provide thermal management and avoid dangerous moisture and gas leaks. Coherix is providing an invaluable solution for Archer Aviation battery manufacturing with robust, inline 3D inspection and even controlling the dispensing process with their APC (Adaptive Process Control) solutions. This ensures that every dispensed bead (sealant and TIM) in the Archer Aviation dispensing process meets performance specifications that they have set.

Check out the Coherix 3D sensors in the Archer Integrated Test Lab and Manufacturing Facility Tour video around the one minute mark.

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May 21, 2024