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Auto Repair for Adhesive Dispensing

Coherix provides adaptive process control for dispensing applications!

Check out Predator3D’s Auto Repair function that automatically corrects gaps or neck downs in adhesive and sealant dispensing. It detects the defective adhesive and sealant bead with skips and automatically repairs them with no human interaction.

Predator3D is the on-the-nozzle solution for real-time robust 3D inspection, repair and process control of adhesive and sealant dispensing processes. It detects and controls how much and where bead is dispensed at any instantaneous moment.

Our Predator3D is made for use on robotic adhesive dispensing in automotive assembly lines for body assembly, general assembly, powertrain assembly, glass assembly, electric vehicle battery assembly and even semiconductor and electronic manufacturing.

Learn more about Coherix automotive dispensing inspection and process control here

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