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What’s The Best Joining Technology For Your Application?

Learn all about the common joining technologies in automotive body assembly and what is best for your application in Dr. Zhenhua Huang’s Z-Axis Blog.

Auto Manufacturing Automation Solutions from Coherix

Due to the continuously growing market demand for higher fuel economy and the electric vehicle wave in the automotive industry, every auto maker is striving to reduce the gross weight without sacrificing the safety and performance of the vehicle.  One common approach is to use lighter materials such as aluminum, high-strength steel, magnesium, carbon fiber, highly-engineered plastic, rubber, and etc.  This has forced auto makers to rethink and adopt new joining technologies for a multi-material body assembly in recent years. 

Fusion joining, solid-state joining, and mechanical joining are three main categories of joining technologies defined by the temperature required on the workpiece materials being joined… 

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