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Coherix Dispensing Expert Appears in Quality Magazine

The May edition of Quality Magazine features a compelling and informative editorial on Quality and Process Control for the Dispensing Process written by Dr. Zhenhua Huang, General Manager of the Americas for Coherix.

Dr. Huang examines the state of the dispensing industry, typical variations engineers encounter and the process control solutions to overcome these variations.

Bead Verification with Predator3D

Here’s an excerpt from the editorial:

In a mass production environment, a desired well-controlled dispensing process is supposed to produce the right amount of “glue” at the right location on parts in a consistent way with minimum production downtime. However, if a candid conversation can be engaged with experienced members of the manufacturing community, it will show that the reality has long been quite a deviation from this beautiful desire of well-controlled beads. There are many reasons for this, but fundamentally dispensing is, relatively speaking, a new manufacturing process, and there has not been a widespread wealth of experience and knowledge shared across the industry to deal with many inherent variations.  

A few typical sources of variations and contributing factors:

  1. Part-to-part variation. This kind of part-to-part variation can be in the lateral direction and/or the vertical direction. Sometimes, this variation can be big enough to cause large quality spills…

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Dispensing Process Whitepaper

Originally published in Quality Magazine

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