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Coherix Advances Its Predator3D Bead Verification

Ann Arbor, Michigan, December 10, 2018 – Coherix, Inc. a global leader in Three-Dimensional (3D) Machine Vision, is pleased to announce its latest  advancement of Predator3D for Bead Verification where 100% inspection is required and customers want to control their process without interruption – auto repair.

Auto and aircraft makers are using an increasing amount of Structural Adhesives to join parts made of different materials, for example, steel aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.  These adhesives also reduce cost and weight, while improving quality and safety.

Coherix developed Predator3D to verify the proper volume is dispensed and the bead is in the correct location.  Our new automatic repair feature significantly advances manufacturers’ ability to produce 100% inspected, auto repair as required, instant verification the structural adhesives are properly placed, adequate adhesive is applied and immediate feedback for in-line process control.  This newest advancement has been field tested for reliability and accuracy for over one year.

Our Predator3D sensors are a part of our Robust3D product line and have significantly enhanced manufacturers’ reliability and confidence when applying structural adhesives.

Predator3D separates itself from its temperamental 2D vision camera predecessors, because the Predator3D does not depend on the color contrast between adhesive and part for robust operation and it is not affected by changes in ambient lighting, even when the black bead is placed on a black part, where 2D techniques fail.  Predator3D is also designed to quickly and efficiently replace temperamental 2D camera inspection and is designed to fit into new plants and for retro-fitting in existing manufacturing plants and 100% process control and feedback.   Now with the automatic repair feature, Predator3D sensors are considered “game changers” and are competitively priced with 2D cameras.  Coherix provides an advanced, competitively priced, highly reliable and complete 3D solution (hardware and software) for structural adhesive dispensing operations.

“Industry is finally getting the reliability they need with Coherix Robust3D™ solutions which are competitively priced against temperamental 2D cameras” said Dwight Carlson, CEO and Chairman of Coherix.  If you are interested in learning more about Coherix and our advanced 3D vision solutions, please call Coherix at (734) 922-4070 or email

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