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Coherix Advances Its Predator™ GlassMaster™ with Z-Tracking Function

Ann Arbor, Michigan, January 31, 2019 – Coherix, Inc. a global leader in Three-Dimensional (3D) Machine Vision, is pleased to announce its latest  advancement, Z-Tracking, of Predator3D™ GlassMaster™ for Windshield Urethane bead dispensing process control.

Auto makers are using an increasing amount of urethane to assemble glass onto vehicle body frame, which is vital to vehicles’ safety and preventing any possible water leakage. Predator3D GlassMaster has been developed to verify the proper volume is dispensed at correct location real-time with no penalty to cycle time.

However, a part-to-part shape variation up to ±4mm is not uncommon in automotive glass parts, especially windshields.  With such a big variation, it has been a great challenge for auto makers to achieve consistent and desirable urethane bead profile without breaking through the glass during their dispensing processes.

Predator3D GlassMaster Z-tracking utilizes the leading pair of the laser to monitor the distance variation between the part surface and the sensor, and sends robot offset signals to adjust the distance (Z-height) accordingly on-the-fly.

Predator3D GlassMaster separates itself from others, because it provides robustness in its inspection and adds value to the dispensing process control.

GlassMaster is a part of our Predator3D product family and has significantly empowered manufacturers to better control their high-profile urethane dispensing processes in final assembly.

 “Industry is finally getting the reliability they need with Coherix Robust3D™ solutions which are competitively priced against temperamental 2D cameras” said Dwight Carlson, CEO and Chairman of Coherix.  If you are interested in learning more about Coherix and our advanced 3D vision solutions, please call Coherix at (734) 922-4070 or email


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