High-Speed 3D Inspection


The Saber3D is the latest major advancement from Coherix for semiconductor inspection and metrology. Coherix provides high-speed, in-line inspection products for the electronics and semiconductor industries, eliminating the need for handlers to stop the assembly process for inspection. This solution streamlines the process, increases throughput and enhances accuracy.


  • 3D high-definition, multi-camera triangulation technology
  • Snapshot area measurements – no lasers, no line scanning
  • Multi-spectral LED strobe lighting
  • Simultaneous multi-part and ROI capability increases throughput
  • Latest configuration of leaded, BGA and QFN package styles supported
  • No hardware change-over required between package types
  • No external computing resources require

For more information about Saber3D, please go to Saber3D page.

3DX™ Technology Series

The Coherix team serves its electronics and semiconductor customers with high-speed in-line inspection products.  The 3DX series is a major advance in semiconductor inspection technology. Handlers no longer need to stop the assembly process to inspect them. 3DX measures semiconductor packages optically on-the-fly, setting a new standard for throughput. This vision inspection system measures 3D characteristics of up to 70,000 parts per hour.

3DX Features

  • 3D high-definition measurements of moving parts – no stopping required
  • Multiple parts measured simultaneously
  • Not dependent on component finishing – no back reflection issue caused by lasers
  • “Snapshot” area measurements – no lasers, no line scanning
  • Easy setup & calibration
  • Meets strictest accuracy demands
  • Multi-spectral lighting options
  • Structured lighting pattern options available

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High-speed, on-the-fly 3D semi-conductor part inspection for multiple parts in singe FOV

i-Cite Software

All of Coherix’s 2D and 3D systems are based on our proprietary i-Cite™ software. 3DX incorporates a next-generation LED strobe light with multiple cameras. Combined with our i-Cite software, this solution is the fastest, most advanced and easiest-to-use 3D inspection solution in the world today. This technology is a PC-based product, driven by field- proven software.

i-Cite Specs:

  • No legacy hardware, replace outdated or non-functional components with the latest and greatest
  • Choose exactly the right configuration of cameras and other peripherals for your application
  • Modular Vision Chip™ design allows us to develop your applications in days instead of months
  • Allows OEM’s to quickly respond to the end user’s rapidly changing needs

For more information about i-Cite, please go to Coherix: i-Cite™ page.

High-Speed Modular 2D Vision Inspection System