Predator3D Bead Inspection at Automate Show 2017 with Yamaha Robotics

Predator3D is the latest 3D machine vision technology from Coherix for structural adhesive and dispensing sealant bead inspection. Smart, automatic and affordable, Coherix is leveraging its SHARK platform technology, 3D experience, and i-Cite software to bring this low-cost, high-performance 3D bead inspection solution to market.

Predator3D inspects bead height, width, volume and position continuously to provide reliable inspection results. It detects and auto repairs skips and neck downs.

Application Areas

  •  Body structural adhesive and sealant

  •  FIPG (Format-In-Place-Gasket)

  •  Urethane


  • Easy and quick setup
  • Carried or pedestal mounting
  • Robust 3D inspection of bead height, width, and volume 400 times a second
  • Accurate inspection of bead location relative to part features
  • Configurable reporting and displays
  • Full part traceability with flexible archiving options
  • Auto repair gaps, neck downs
  • Z-tracking robot guidance capability reduces process variation
  • Impervious to ambient lighting changes
  • Impervious to part color changes
  • Rugged crash-resistant construction
  • No moving components

Preliminary specifications

(Multiple configurations possible depending on applications)

  • 1600+ bead profiles per second with combined 4 lasers
  • FOV 40mm wide x 20mm deep x 360 degree
  • 60mm, 125mm and 200mm standoff
  • 24 V power-approximately 40 watts
  • Total weight <1.7kg
  • 0 to 45C operating temperature
  • IP65 environmental seal
  • Visible Laser Class 3A/3R

Predator3D inspecting bead on windshield

Structural Adhesive and Sealant Dispensing Bead Verification

Predator3D inspecting bead on windshield

Predator3D inspecting bead on oil pan

Body part inspection

3D profile of beads

Predator3D inspection results on screen