Robust3D Rolling Finger Follower (RFF) solution inspects the types of RFFs, and verifies the proper installation and placement of RFFs in engines to ensure assembly correctness.

RFFs are critical in engine assembly as they transfer camshaft rotary movement into valve stem up and down movement. However, in most engine designs today, RFFs sit freely between hydraulic lash adjuster and valve stem without constraints before camshaft is installed. This exposes strong likelihood of assembly errors which, if not caught, will cause catastrophic engine failure in the final assembly.

Coherix uses the latest Tru3D smart sensor to detect the different types of RFFs for present or absent, and the correct orientation. With the Tru3D sensor mounted on a robot, the Robust3D RFF solution identifies the real 3D geometry of the RFF using millions of 3D data points. It contains pass-through defects, and will report a failure while archiving the powerful 3D data for traceability.

Typical RFF Failure Modes

  • Wrong type
  • Rotated 180 degree
  • Missing
  • Angle of RFF (RFF not on Valve stem, or Valve stem riding on RFF gate)

Rolling Finger Follower and 3D Profile