Robust3D Piston Assembly (PA) solution verifies the proper installation and placement of circlips and rings in pistons to ensure assembly correctness in the manufacturing process.

The piston assembly process is prone to errors and cause downstream catastrophic engine failure if not caught. Touch probes and temperamental 2D vision cameras are commonly use to error proof this assembly process. However, the complex nature of piston assemblies and the dynamic work environment render these traditional technologies unreliable. In addition, the root cause analysis of a failure requires 3D visualization of the defect.

The Coherix Robust3D Piston Assembly error proofing solution captures millions of data points to generate a 3D “as-built” model of the assembly area. Robust3D PA is not impacted by changes in ambient lighting or part colors. It applies sophisticated algorithms to reliably detect all failure modes with multiple levels of assurance unmatched by other approaches.

Typical Piston Assembly Failure Modes

  • Missing cir-clip
  • Double cir-clips
  • Cir-clip clocking wrong
  • Cir-clip mis-set/mis-seated
  • Piston orientation wrong
  • Pin-to-piston height
  • Piston variant wrong
  • Pin variant wrong
  • Piston land width
  • Missing piston ring

Utilizing Coherix i-Cite™ software, Robust3D PA provides hassle-free rapid reconfigurability of reports, delivering actionable information to optimize the user experience.

Over one year of 3D data can be archived for full 3D traceability, which enables upstream diagnosis of complex manufacturing issues that helped one customer avoid an expensive recall.