Robust3D provides innovative three-dimensional, high-speed, 100% reliable, and in-line error proofing solutions to ensure assembly correctness in automotive and other industries.

Coherix innovative Robust3D solutions are designed and built to deliver error-free assemblies. Coherix Robust3D products utilize cutting-edge Tru3Dâ„¢ sensors, proprietary complex algorithms, and i-Cite user-friendly software to deliver a wide range of specific solutions.

Robust3D generates a 3D “as-built” model of the part assembly, and applies various inspection criteria to catch every complex failure mode in the assembly process with unprecedented level of assurance.

Empowered with full 3D part data traceability, Robust3D is capable of upstream diagnosis of many complex manufacturing issues. Ease of creating reports to specific needs is recognized by many customers. Unique Robust3D design also ensures a smooth integration of Robust3D solutions into assembly lines.

Robust3D Benefits

  • End-user solution oriented
  • Full robustness
  • Detect all different failure modes
  • Full part traceability with 3D data
  • Hassle-free re-configurable reports for optimized user friendliness
  • Easy system integration

Compact, lightweight, and versatile, Robust3D has been successfully implemented in various in-line error-proofing applications.

Piston Assembly

Missing circlips, double circlips, bent circlips, missing piston ring, etc.

Rolling Finger Follower Assembly Verification

Inspects wrong type, orientation, missing RFF, angle of RFF, etc.

Valve Assembly

Missing keepers/mis-set keepers

Flexible End-of-Line Inspection

Connectors in/not in position, connectors