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Global Leader of 3D Adaptive Process Control for Dispensing Applications

Coherix creates adaptive process control for automated adhesive dispensing, using a 3D laser-based sensor that sees, understands, and proactively corrects in order to minimize error, maximize performance and enable the future – today.

Our 3D machine vision solutions provide eyes with depth perception for robots, enabling customers to manage complex manufacturing processes. Coherix produces the highest performance solutions, which also have the lowest total cost of ownership. Our customers are in the automotive and electronics industries and are large global end-users, line builders, dispensing equipment companies and vision integrators. These customers demand outstanding reliability and Coherix technology delivers exactly that. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company has operations in the United States, China, Germany, Singapore, Mexico and Japan, and performs business around the world.

Strong Customer Relationships

At Coherix, we provide 3D inspection to some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, collaborating closely with them to forge solid, long-term relationships. We value these connections, whether it’s with OEMs like Toyota, Panasonic, Ford and Honda; or vision system integrators like +Vantage, VistaLink and VRSI; or adhesive dispensing equipment producers such as Nordson, Dürr, Graco and Designetics. At the same time, we leverage our advanced engineering and process expertise to provide innovative solutions. It’s why many manufacturers turn to us to solve their 3D bead inspection and autonomous process control issues.

Focused on Customer Success

Our 3D machine vision products provide valuable data to help you assess and optimize your manufacturing process control. With our high-definition 3D visualizations and detailed reports, you can prevent unscheduled downtime, eliminate scrap and increase throughput. Ultimately, these improvements can help you boost product quality, decrease costs and shorten time to market, making you more profitable and competitive in the global marketplace.

Our highly trained application consultants will work with you to identify the problem, design a solution and provide onsite implementation and training.  We’ll train you not only to operate the hardware, but to analyze the bead data, identify process challenges and make informed process changes to avoid manufacturing volumes of defective parts.

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2018 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award
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