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All Coherix 3D inspection systems operate on our i-Cite software. This includes Predator3D solution product , Tru3D sensor , 3DX and OPIS . i-Cite executes on any standard PC running the Windows 2000 Pro, XP Pro or 7 operating systems, and supports a dozen different frame grabbers, as well as many USB 2.0, and IEEE 1394 cameras.

By using i-Cite software, you are free of all legacy hardware and you can precisely choose the right configuration of cameras and other peripherals for your application. The modular Vision Chip design allows us to develop your applications in days instead of months, which in turn allow OEM’s to quickly respond to the end user’s rapidly changing needs. In addition to these benefits, our clients typically save 30 percent in hardware costs.

i-Cite’s integrated features include:

  • Overlapped image acquisition and processing
  • Multiple, asynchronous, simultaneous inspections
  • Multiple, simultaneous frame grabber support
  • Support for up to 16 analog, digital, Camera Link, USB, IEEE 1394, and Gigabit Ethernet cameras per application
  • 8-bit, 10-bit and 12-bit image depth support
  • Strobe control for on-the-fly image acquisition
  • Multiple, asynchronous, concurrent machine interfaces (Socket, Pipe, RS-232, DIO)
  • Variable rate digital video recorder
  • Failed part image collection and analysis tools (FailurePackets) with built-in Internet support
  • Drill-down graphical diagnostic capability for all image processing operations
  • Protocol and logic analyzer
  • Remote embedded display capability
  • Pan/tilt control for automated feature/target tracking
  • Four customizable access levels (password protected)
  • Online help (F1 help and chip level help)
  • Fully customizable data collection reports
  • Fully customizable GUIs with drag and drop GUI builder
  • Fully customizable runtime displays

i-Cite’s image processing features include:

  • Pattern location (high frequency, low frequency and model-based)
  • Defect detection (completeness, correct assembly and/or surface)
  • 2D, 3D part gauging
  • Color processing
  • Thermal processing
  • Grayscale processing (kernel based)
  • Semiconductor inspection (BGA, QFP, TSOP, etc.)
  • 2D bar code reading (2D matrix)
  • Grayscale template matching
  • Connected component analysis
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