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3D Machine Vision Applications that Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges

Our 3D machine vision applications, including data analysis software, solve complex process control challenges for manufacturers in the automotive, electronic and semiconductor industries.

In the age of automation and robotics, manufacturers face growing challenges to maintain process control in their assembly lines. To eliminate errors and optimize product quality, they increasingly need the help of machine vision-based “eyes of automation” – advanced 3D machine vision applications.

Whether you’re manufacturing automobiles or circuit boards, you need high-speed tools to confirm the accuracy of your processes and the quality of your products. Even minor errors can mean the difference between a timely product launch and a major – and costly – delay. The answer lies with our advanced 3D machine vision applications – solutions using proven inspection tools combined with advanced analysis and visualization for improved process control.

Our machine vision experts will work closely with you to customize and install a solution that meets your process control needs. Once you’re up and running, our technical support team is available to answer questions and solve issues.

Predator3D™ for Adhesive & Sealant Bead Inspection

Proven Technology

As manufacturers increase their use of structural adhesives and sealants to join materials, they need technology that inspects the dispensing process in real time and ensures proper bead placement and volume for optimum product quality. Our Predator3D system has helped customers around the globe. In fact, global auto manufacturers use the technology for several 3D machine vision applications, including  body assembly, powertrain form in place gaskets (FIPG), windshield urethane and battery assembly for electric vehicles (EV).

Easy to Integrate, Rugged

Our Predator3D™ system mounts on a robotic arm around the adhesive dispensing nozzle and easily communicates with your dispenser protocols. It features a sensor with four high-speed 3D sensors that provide a 360-degree/3D view of adhesive or sealant beads up to 1,000 times per second. Embedded in the system, our user-friendly i-Cite software provides a 3D visualization of bead width, height, volume and location, detecting gaps or neck-downs. Built with a solid aluminum frame and no moving parts, Predator3D is designed to withstand impacts and adhesive spills.

Product Features

  • Quick, easy setup
  • Carried or pedestal mounting
  • Accurate inspection of bead location relative to part features
  • Configurable reporting and displays
  • Full part traceability with flexible archiving options
  • Auto repair gaps, neck downs
  • Z-tracking robot guidance capability reduces process variation
  • Impervious to ambient lighting and part color changes
  • Rugged crash-resistant construction
  • DotMaster™ is a specialized Predator3D sensor designed to inspect mastic dots larger than 20mm in diameter

Why Buy?

  • No penalty to production cycle with in-line monitoring
  • Less scrap
  • Reduction of floor space requirement when upgrading from 2D solution
  • Save on dispensing materials with volume visualization
  • Increase throughput
  • Less teardowns

3D Machine Vision Applications In Action

Predator3D Overview

Auto Repair for Adhesive Dispensing

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