Pass-through defects are all too common in manufacturing. Regardless of the variables involved, it’s imperative to ensure that all products are correctly manufactured and assembled. By utilizing robust inspection solutions in manufacturing processes, companies are able to ensure the highest level of quality in their products.


Coherix developed the Tru3D sensor to help facilitate stringent inspection requirements in the manufacturing environment and to solve your toughest inspection problems. The Tru3D solutions are built on a family of robust 3D sensors coupled with our proprietary i-Cite software platform. They utilize rich 3D data sets to identify and eliminate pass-through defects in the manufacturing process.


Compared to 2D vision systems which are vulnerable to environmental influences, changes in part color or contrast, our Tru3D sensor is more reliable, simpler to use and more affordable to own. While designing Tru3D, we had five goals:

  • Minimize the effects of process noise, ambient light and part color/contrast
  • Use 3D information for 3D parts
  • Keep it as simple as possible
  • Use redundant information at all opportunities
  • Log information for future data mining

By seeing in 3D, we can dramatically improve the efficacy of error-proofing applications. When you reduce variation, costs go down, quality increases and you shorten the time to bring new products to market. The key? You have to see variation in order to reduce it. With customizable applications, we are able to address a myriad of problems that may arise in your production processes, ensuring the highest level of quality in your products.