Robust3D Volume Measurement solution utilizes Tru3D smart sensor to automatically establish 3D “as-built” model of the volume area of a piston bowl or a gasoline engine combustion chamber and precisely measures the volume against part tolerance.

Today, the automotive industry is challenged by tighter governmental emission regulations, tougher competition, and higher customer expectations for fuel economy, which drives the industry to look at every aspect of the product for improvement. The manufacturing-induced variation in combustion chamber volume for gas engines and piston bowl volume for diesel engines, is a significant contributor. Both emissions and fuel economy can be reduced through better process control.

However, what is commonly used for volume measurement today is still the old-fashioned fluid-based method, which is slow, unrepeatable, and requires clean-up afterwards, therefore, not suitable for in-line process control.

Robust3D Volume Measurement Solution Features

  • Non-contact measurement
  • In-line speed
  • 3D visualization
  • Full 3D data traceability

Coherix Robust3D Volume Measurement solution automatically establishes a 3D “as-built” model of the volume area, which is between the top rim and the wavy piston bowl surface for diesel pistons and between the engine head deck face and the wavy combustion chamber surface for gas engine heads. It precisely measures the volume against part tolerances. In-line speed, full 3D visualization, and full 3D data traceability enables a better combustion chamber volume/piston bowl volume process control, which can lead to significantly improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Diesel Engine Piston Bowl


3D Profile of Piston Bowl

Gas Engine Combustion Chamber

3D Profile of Combustion Chamber