Predator3D structural adhesive and sealant bead inspection

Smart. Automatic. Affordable. That’s what comes to mind for those who have tested our Predator3D bead inspection technology.

The Predator3D bead inspection technology measures bead height, width (volume) and position to assure structural integrity. It also alerts users to skips and partial skips, where material is deposited with insufficient volume.

With Onboard i-Cite software, processors and Ethernet communications capabilities, the Predator3D technology provides complete decision making capabilities within the sensor – no external PC is required.

Predator3D technology provides 100 percent inspection without slowing the application process and, because of its compact solid state design, it’s priced less than the cost of many existing 2D systems.

Solutions for your industry – applications that cross a wide variety of domains

  • Coherix Core Software Platform and Embedded i-Cite Software
  • Full 3D analysis and reporting on board
  • Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 interface options
  • 24 V Power — approximately 20 watts
  • Smart continuous bead tracking and measurement
  • Coherix SHARK Multi-Imager Architecture

Predator 3D bead inspection