Whether you’re manufacturing automotive engines or circuit boards, today’s products demand increasingly strict tolerances, requiring advances in measurement and inspection tools.  Even the smallest error can be the difference between a product launch and a major delay. It is essential to have tools that confirm the quality and accuracy of your processes and ultimately, your products. The key to assessing the quality of these different elements is robust measurement and inspection tools combined with advanced analysis and visualization software.


Robust3D Error Proofing Solutions

Are you facing assembly verification and error-proofing issues that impede your production quality? Are you in need of a high-speed vision inspection tool that can pinpoint where errors occur? Coherix has a variety of robust inspection solutions, scalable to your needs.

Coherix_Predator3D Bead Inspection

Predator3D Bead Inspection

Predator3D solution product is the latest Coherix 3D machine vision technology for structural adhesive and dispensing sealant bead inspection. Smart, automatic and affordable, Coherix is leveraging its SHARK™ platform technology, 3D experience, and i-Cite™ software to bring this low-cost, high-performance 3D bead inspection solution to market.